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    Our goal was to create a toy which is truly interactive for children of any age, helps develop language and conversation skills, and teaches dance and movement.

    Most talking toys do not listen and adapt to your child's responses. Our cactus is unique because it is specifically designed to encourage responsiveness and interaction, even in the earliest stages of brain development.

    A small internal microphone records noises and repeats them in intervals which simulate a conversation. This mode helps establish the building blocks for conversation.

    Yes! There is a button on the side to switch between the talking and dancing modes.

    The cactus is plush, with a cotton and wool exterior, and 100% cotton filling. It's very cuddly and soft.

    This toy does not pose a choking hazard and is appropriate for all babies and toddlers.

    3 AA batteries are required for use (not included).

    12.6 inches tall and 0.6 LBS.

    Yes, this cactus has gentle and fun lighting which makes it fun to use both in light and in the dark.

    No, the product does not get hot, even during extended use. The lights used in the product are LED and do not give off heat.

    Our cactus toy can be used by babies starting as young as 2-3 months old, when the start of early speech begins.

    Yes! Dogs and cats love our cactus. But be careful, because it was not designed to withstand chewing and scratching.

    supportOur Company

    We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, you can return it for a refund. Contact

    We offer free replacements for all customers who experience damage to the product. No questions ask. Contact

    We are located in Seattle, WA.


    It's almost like having a cactus babysitter! Your baby can talk to it and interact with it while you get to take a break and take in the cuteness

    It's exactly as described and my kids are loving it. It talks and lights up and is easy to use. It's hard to find toys that don't get boring, but this one has kept them interested.

    My baby loves this cactus! Every time I turn it on for her she babbles and smiles and laughs! I'm loving it

    If you can only buy one toy...make it this one. Seriously the best toy for kids of all ages. I have a 7 month old, a toddler, and a 5 year old. This is the only toy that can entertain all three of them!